Apply for a music license


Koda Dramatik can help you get a license for music represented by The Music publisher Sony/ATV, if you are using existing music for your stage productions. Existing music is music not exclusively created for a stage production, such as opera, ballet, musical etc.


How to apply for a license

Start your application by filling out the online form below, with information about the stage production.


When should I apply for a license?

When using existing music you have to apply for a license if one or more of the following criteria apply:

  • The production is associated with a "brand" such as an artist, a group, a composer or a famous person.
  • The lyrics guide the script.
  • The production has a story line and
    • a) the music exceeds 30 minutes or 30 percent or
    • b) the production includes 8 songs or more.
  • The production is a ballet or a dance performance or the production contains more than 15 minutes of dancing.


When staging musicals, operas, ballets and other performances where the music is written and composed directly to the production, you should contact the rights holder directly.




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