Compare periods

The page ‘Compare periods’ shows the works that have seen the biggest change in distributions during the relevant quarter compared to the same quarter a year earlier. The results are listed in order of magnitude, with the greatest change shown at the top.

Filtering your results:

You can filter your results at the top. (Tick ‘Search work’ and ‘Filter result’ to see more)

  • Period type: choose a specific quarter, performance period or distribution period
  • 1st period / 2nd period: choose the earliest quarter of the first period and the most recent quarter of the second period.
  • Search by work(s): search by work title, apply the relevant rightsholder(s), or search by work number. Click the button ‘Search work’ and then ‘Apply work’
  • Filter results: Here you can select all countries or choose specific countries by ticking the relevant boxes.
  • Area: Select all distribution areas or chose specific distribution areas by ticking the relevant boxes.
Viewing your results:

Once you have chosen the filters you want, click ‘Show results’. It may take some time for your results to appear, depending on the amount of data involved.

You will initially see :

  • The title of the work in question
  • The number of the work in question
  • Rightsholders (two to three names),
  • The changes seen between the various periods, listed in per cent and in Danish kroner. Towards the end of the line, arrows indicate whether the change involves an increase (upwards arrow) or decrease (arrow down). If no percentage is listed, this means that no distribution was made during the first period. You can use the arrows to sort your results in descending or ascending order.

You can sort your results by all columns. The default sorting is set to 'Change (DKK)', but you can apply different sorting criteria by pressing the column headers. 

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