Voting at a previous general meeting in Koda

Koda’s general meeting 2020 is postponed again

Koda’s general meeting 2020 is postponed and will be held as soon as it is possible to assemble a reasonable number of attendees.

Koda’s board of directors has decided to postpone Koda’s general meeting, which was scheduled for June 10, 2020. With the latest announcements made by the Danish Prime Minister and health authorities regarding assemblies, we do not expect to be able to hold a general meeting in real life by 10 June. Responding to this, we will postpone the general meeting; it will be held as soon as it is possible to bring together a reasonable number of participants.

We believe it is very important for Koda’s members to meet and discuss things the way we usually do at our general meetings. However, if the legal restrictions on assemblies are not sufficiently eased in the near future, it may be necessary to carry out a general meeting with a limited number of physical participants at the venue itself, while others participate online and digitally. At Koda, we closely monitor the situation and will inform you of the date of the general meeting as soon as we are able to set it.

We will be holding a webinar/online member meeting to discuss central issues addressed at the general meeting. The webinar will be held on 10 June at 15.00

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