Commercial radio

Per-minute values

Below is a list of the commercial radio stations for which Koda carries out distributions. They all broadcast nationwide, and they all use commercials. 


Channel Per minute
NOVA (Bauer Media) 18,50 kr.
The Voice (Bauer Media) 18,50 kr.
POP FM (Bauer Media)  11,50 kr.
Radio 100 (Bauer Media) 8 kr.
Skala FM  6,10 kr.
MyRock (Bauer Media)  2,78 kr.
Radio Soft (Bauer Media)  2,07 kr.
Radio ABC   1,60 kr.
Radio ANR  1,60 kr.
Radio Nordjyske 1,60 kr.
Radio GO FM 1,60 kr.
Classic FM 1,60 kr.
Globus Guld 1,60 kr.
Radio Globus 1,60 kr.
Radio NRJ 1,60 kr.
Radio SLR 1,60 kr.
Radio Sydhavsøerne 1,60 kr.
Radio Viborg 1,60 kr.
Radio Victoria 1,60 kr.
Radio VIVA 1,60 kr.
Radio VLR 1,60 kr.
When do we make distributions?

To see when we make distributions, check our distribution schedule

Reduction for station ID, logos, trailers etc. 

We apply reductions to distributions for station IDs, call signs, station sound design, trailers and similar performances of music that was not created exclusively for a particular show and which is primarily used outside of/in between the actual scheduled broadcasts. The reduced value is set at 10% of the relevant TV channel’s usual per-minute value.

A corresponding reduction is applied when carrying out distributions for extensive use of background music within individual programmes, for example when using long – looping or otherwise extended – jingles faded into the background of e.g. narration, speaks, news reports, interviews and the like.   


The so-called commercial radio stations provide full (100%) reporting of their music usage to us, so you are sure to receive distributions that reflect what was actually played on these radio stations. This also means that you do not need to contact us if your music has been played on any of these stations.