Join Koda

Would being a Koda member make sense for you? If your music is played in public by yourself or others, becoming a member of Koda may generate additional income for you.

Koda manages your rights and makes sure that you receive payment when your music is used in public. We do this by entering into agreements with everyone who uses and offers music as part of their business. This covers everything from television, radio and streaming services to cafés, shops, gyms and festivals. 

Good reasons to join Koda

Becoming a Koda member is relevant for you if:

  • Your music is published
  • You play your music live at concerts
  • Others play your music at concerts
  • Your lyrics are put to music, or you write music for lyrics written by others. 
You don’t need to join Koda
  • In order to protect your music – that protection is already provided by the copyright laws
  • If your music is not used by others or played in public
  • You are an artist, musician or singer – in your case, Gramex may be a source of income for you.
What does Koda do?

Koda manages your rights, which means that we collect money for the use of your music in public. Your works, your music and your lyrics are protected by the copyright laws, which means that do not and cannot ‘buy’ copyright from us or others; you already have it from the day you created your work.

How to join

Becoming a Koda member costs DKK 650 for a composer/songwriter. This is a one-time lump sum that you pay when you join. You will receive a receipt, and you have the right to withdraw your membership within 14 days of getting your receipt. You will receive your membership number within two days; you need that number in order to create a profile on My Koda.


In a few situations, listed below, you cannot join without first getting in touch with Koda. If this is the case, contact our Members Department on (+45) 33 30 63 20 or via Contact us if:

  • you are under 18 (then a parent/legal guardian will need to sign)
  • you are already a member of one of Koda’s sister societies
What am I agreeing to when I sign?

When you join Koda, you sign a membership declaration that contains a legally binding agreement on rights management. When you sign this rights management agreement, you transfer the authorisation to manage important parts of the copyright to your music/lyrics to Koda.

This means that you cannot enter into special agreements with other parties regarding the use of some of your works. You also cannot enter into special agreements with others stating that they may use your music without paying Koda for public performances and NCB for recording.

See Koda’s Agreement on management of rights (the rights management agreement you sign as part of your membership declaration). Please make sure that you read the Koda articles of Association.

You will also become a member of NCB

By joining Koda you automatically become a member of NCB (Nordisk Copyright Bureau). NCB manages the rights associated with recording and copying your music. This means that when your music is recorded on, for example, a CD, movie, video, or is downloaded and streamed from the Internet, the NCB makes sure you get paid. If you want to release your music on vinyl or CD, you should always contact NCB.