A new partnership will help Koda’s efforts to ensure that rightsholders receive the most money possible as quickly and accurately as possible, while also improving the user experience.

New partnership to improve Koda members’ user experience and overview

Koda has entered into a partnership with the Danish tech start-up Trackbit. Koda and Trackbit will work together to give members a better, easier overview of their distributions and enhance the user experience by, for example, incorporating technologies such as artificial intelligence and fingerprinting for sound recognition.

Koda and the Danish tech start-up company Trackbit have entered into a partnership to develop solutions that will assist Koda's efforts to ensure that rightsholders receive as much money as possible as quickly and accurately as possible. The new initiatives will also improve the overall user experience.

Initially, the partnership will focus on ensuring more accurate distributions within the field of commercials, which is currently characterised by incomplete data and a lot of manual work for members and employees alike. At the same time, members who provide music for commercials will have access to a new digital tool that will, among other things, give them deep and easy insight into how and where their works are used.


We see great future potential in the partnership - Carsten Brøns Andersen 


‘We are very pleased to have entered into a partnership with Trackbit. First of all because they will help us create a solution to a current challenge. Secondly, we see great future potential in the partnership: we confidently expect that in time, we will be able to apply the solution created for commercials to other areas, and that the technology will have a number of other applications that will benefit our members. We have carefully researched the market to find companies capable of providing the right service and technology for our needs, and we’ve found that Trackbit has a unique set of competencies,’ says Strategy & Business Development Director at Koda, Carsten Brøns Andersen.

Trackbit’s founders, Frederik Duckert and Anders Poulsen, have a dual background in the music and media data industries, meaning that they combine a keen understanding of the rightsholders' needs with a broad knowledge of the technological possibilities in the field.


Will bring great value to Koda’s members - Anders Poulsen


 ‘We very much look forward to our partnership with Koda, which we are confident will bring great value to Koda’s members, partly in terms of more accurate distributions, and partly in terms of reduced manual workloads for both members and Koda’s employees,’ said the CEO of Trackbit, Anders Poulsen.

Focus on usability and member involvement

Koda and Trackbit will jointly work with technologies such as sound recognition, fingerprinting and artificial intelligence to ensure higher efficiency and a range of benefits for members. Among other things, we are currently in the process of building a system where Koda's members will have the opportunity to upload music files and link them to their works. This initiative will enable Koda to use artificial intelligence in several areas in the future and pave the way for more detailed and user-friendly insight into how and where one’s works are used. Koda’s partnership with Trackbit has a strong focus on involving Koda members directly, ensuring that the solutions created are based on their needs.


We focus on what members actually need - Carsten Brøns Andersen


‘We are already in the process of talking to selected rightsholders to ensure that what we develop is what they actually need. For this initial round of conversations, we have talked to composers and songwriters, but we also plan to involve music publishers, foreign collective rights management societies, and other relevant stakeholders. That way, we’ll get our members and our partners abroad more directly involved in the development process and ensure that they have a direct influence on the functions and services we’ll develop in the future,’ says Carsten Brøns Andersen.

The work on bringing about more accurate distributions in the field of commercials and the new digital tool for members who supply music for commercials is already in full swing. Koda expects the new solution to be implemented at some point in 2021.