Background music

Music in shops, restaurants, cafés, planes, etc

Background music is the music you hear in shops, restaurants, cafés, clubs, at the hair salon and so on. Every year, we receive tens of millions of kroner for such mechanical music use. 

Recycled information and direct reporting as basis

Since 2015, we have had the opportunity to obtain reports from a number of professional partners who offer music solutions to enterprises such as supermarkets, cafés, gyms and clothing stores. Statistically, the data received by these suppliers is both representative and very comprehensive, based on very specific music use among a wide variety of our customers.

For background music in general, however, obtaining 100% reporting on the music being played is neither practically possible nor financially feasible. Doing so would require too much effort and excessive costs compared to the potential returns. Instead, we also reuse reporting from other performance areas that, when applied in different combinations, provide a representative view of the music being played in that area.

Background music comprises different sections

Taken as a whole, this distribution should provide the most nuanced and representative picture possible of the use of music within the field. To achieve this, the distribution for background music is divided into the sections described below. As revenues for each area vary from one year to the next, the per-minute values will vary too.

Background sections with reporting:

  • Supermarkets
  • Café, restaurant og bar 
  • Music at gyms
  • Clothes shops 
  • Music at clubs and discos
  • Specially composed background music
  • Other retail
  • Music in retail stores / shop chains
  • Streaming service commercial

A number of Koda’s customers pay for music use featured in television programmes. This applies, for example, to some hotels, conference centres, etc., where there are TVs in rooms, in the lobby, etc. In such cases, we reuse the reporting received within the TV area and maintain the same ratios between the different channels.

Background sections based on reuse of reporting from other performance areas:

  • Daytime radio 
  • Recorded music
  • Music accompanying fitness classes
  • Evergreen
  • TV
  • Music in fitness centers