Synchronisation rights

As a Koda member you have the opportunity to manage your synchronisation rights yourself. 
This scheme extends to synchronisation rights only. This is to say that authors cannot manage the rights to reproduction or public performances themselves. Such rights continue to be managed by NCB and Koda.

AV productions

Unlike the previous trial scheme, this new scheme encompasses all kinds of AV productions. The only exception is synchronisation for TV productions made on subcontracting terms (i.e. TV productions that are produced by a third party for a TV station and where all rights to the production in question are transferred to the TV station).

Under this new scheme it is no longer necessary for all rights holders to a given work to fall within the self-management scheme. Thus, composers and/or lyricists no longer depend on having all rights holders agree before they apply for self-management.

All rights holders must give permission

Given that synchronisation requires permission from all rights holders you may see cases where NCB licenses rights on behalf of some of the rights holders for a given work, whereas licenses are granted individually by those rights holders who have chosen to manage their synchronisation rights themselves. In such cases NCB will inform the other rights holders of their price; it may also be beneficial to share price information the other way around in order to ensure that the best possible price for the synchronisation is achieved.

Fill out an application form

In order for authors to self-manage their synchronisation rights they must first enter into an agreement with Koda.

The author must fill in an application form. Once the application has been approved, Koda will send confirmation, including guidelines and information on what managing one’s own synchronisation rights entails.

A music company can manage the synchronisation rights for authors if said authors have entered into an agreement with Koda on self-management and ask their publisher to manage those rights.

Under the new scheme, authors who wish to manage their synchronisation rights themselves must choose between the following options:

  • Self-management of all works by that author – even if such works also include other rights holders who do not fall within the self-management scheme.
  • Self-management of the relevant author’s works with one or more music publishers.
  • Self-management of the relevant author’s works that fall within one or more specific publisher agreements.

If at some point you should no longer wish to manage your synchronisation rights yourself, you can let NCB take over such management again. If you want to make such a change, please contact Koda.