Errors in distributions received by you

Don’t forget that when you receive distributions from Koda, it is your duty to check whether the amounts received seem reasonable and correct to you.  

Mistakes happen

Every year, Koda distributes millions to rightsholders in Denmark and abroad. Before those distributions are made, the money received by Koda from its customers and from abroad is apportioned on the basis of our information about the works and their use.

This is a very complex undertaking, so errors can occur – both human and systemic – so that a given member does not get exactly the amount they were supposed to receive.

Spotting errors

Errors are detected either by Koda members themselves,  or by Koda during its post-processing and auditing activities.

What does Koda do then?

Whenever Koda becomes aware of an error, that error will be corrected. Rightsholders who have received too little will receive the outstanding amount.

When someone gets too little, others have gotten too much and vice versa. This means that any rightsholders who have received excessive distributions will have their future payments amended so that the funds paid out in error are returned to Koda. If we did not do this, all of Koda’s members would suffer when we adjust distributions that were too small.

What if I need to pay back excess distributions?

We fully realise how troublesome it can be if it turns out that you have accidentally received too much money. But Koda will only ask for a total, immediate refund in very special cases where it is instantly and absolutely obvious – for you too – that you have received too much. As a rule, Koda will adjust excessive distributions by reducing your future distributions, just like when an advance from a music publisher or record company is recouped.