Compensation for local sub-publishing

Koda makes distributions covering so-called ‘Compensation for local sub-publishing’ to its publisher members.

In the case of a large number of non-Danish TV and radio channels, Koda passes on the revenues generated by cable TV onwards for distribution by the foreign rightsholder management societies that are already carrying out distributions for the use of music on the channels. However, when these societies carry out their distributions, they do not include local sub-publishers who have shares in the rights to the music on Danish territory. To compensate for this, Koda sets aside a small portion of the cable revenues for distribution among the sub-publishers. These distributions are proportional to their earnings generated by on sub-published shares on radio and TV in Denmark during the past calendar year.

This principle applies to revenues that are generated from interactive TV services on foreign channels and sent on to rights management societies abroad.

Please note that these distributions are compensations made specifically to the sub-publisher; they do not concern either authors or original publishers.

If you have any questions regarding this particular area, please feel free to contact Andreas Nielsen at