Local radio

Distributions based on random samples

Distributions for music used on local radio stations is carried out based on a 5% random sample. All local radio stations submit sample reports covering two to three weeks spread out across an entire year. The weeks in question are selected on the basis of statistical methods to ensure that the samples are distributed evenly throughout the year. As part of this sampling system, we do not inform our members about the exact periods covered by each local radio station’s reports to Koda.

The local stations represent several smaller stations that collectively pay a limited amount to Koda for their music use. Random sampling has been introduced to ensure a better balance between the revenues generated within the area, the resources available to local radio stations for reporting and the resources used by Koda to process their reporting.

The category ‘Local radio’ encompasses approximately 150 major and minor radio channels in Denmark.

  • Included in random samples
    If your music was played during one or more of the sample weeks reported, you will receive distributions corresponding to what was reported for that week.
  • Not included in random samples
    If your music was not played during any of the sample weeks reported, you will receive no distributions from this area. Please note that Koda cannot divulge any information on exactly which weeks are selected as random samples.
Per-minute value for local radio    

The per-minute value for local radio is DKK 15. This is to say that you will receive DKK 15 if your music is played for one minute on a local radio station during one of the sample weeks selected.

When do we make distributions?

To see when we make distributions, check our distribution schedule

Reduction for station ID, logos, trailers etc. 

We apply reductions to distributions for station IDs, call signs, station sound design, trailers and similar performances of music that was not created exclusively for a particular show and which is primarily used outside of the actual scheduled broadcasts. The reduced value is set at 10% of the relevant TV channel’s usual per-minute value.

A corresponding reduction is applied when carrying out distributions for extensive use of background music within individual programmes, for example when using long – looping or otherwise extended – jingles faded into the background of e.g. narration, speaks, news reports, interviews and the like.   

First performance

No first performance awards are paid out for performances on local radio.