Mechanical music

This category comprises music that is performed mechanically within the following areas:
  • Music played at stadium and sporting events
  • Film screenings
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Installations
How we calculate your distributions

While the mechanical performance of music in these contexts cannot be said to be concerts as such, we nevertheless carry out distributions according to the same principles as concerts. The total amount distributed is divided up between the music works played, each share reflecting the duration of each music work. If the duration of mechanical music is less than 40 minutes, or if copyrighted music accounts for less than 40 minutes of the total playing time, we set the duration at 40 minutes. The amount distributed is based on the payment we receive from the customer, allowing us to calculate the value of the ‘concert’.


Area Value
Music played at football matches, handball matches etc. DKK 676 per event*
Film screenings DKK 169 per screening
Fairs and exhibitions DKK 169 per month**
Installations DKK 169 per month**

* For Superliga football matches, the amount is set at DKK 2,030 per event.

** For these performances, we always distribute the value of the entire ‘concert’. An additional DKK 169 is added at the beginning of each new month.

Music used in installations and similar

In order to make distributions for music used in installations and the like, we need some information from you – see below. Always remember to register your works on Mit Koda My Koda too.

  • The title, rightsholder(s) and duration of each work
  • Where is the music used?
  • Date or period; state the start and end date and total number of days
  • The organiser responsible for the installation. State a name, address and preferably a contact person.
  • A brief description of the installation – how is the music used, is the installation interactive, is the music on a loop, etc.
  • Is any music other than yours used during the period in question?

Send an email containing this information to