Koda’s chairman of the board, Niels Rønsholdt, at the extraordinary general meeting

Extraordinary general meeting: proposal rejected

At the extraordinary general meeting held Monday 17 June, members were asked to submit their second vote on the proposal for expanding Koda’s board of directors by adding an external member. As the proposal did not attract a sufficiently large majority of votes, it was rejected.

On Monday 17 June, an extraordinary general meeting was held, having just one item on the agenda – the second vote on a proposal for the adoption of new articles of association. The proposed amendments aimed to enable Koda’s board of directors to expand the board by taking on an external member.

At the regular annual general meeting held in May, the proposal was approved by a significant majority, but as the proposal required an amendment to the articles of association, a second vote at an extraordinary general meeting was required in order to adopt it. Even though a majority voted in favour of the proposal at the extraordinary general meeting as well (33 in favour, 26 against and two blank votes), the proposal did not achieve the required two-thirds of the votes. As a result, the proposal was rejected.

The Board: ‘The efforts to maintain a strong Koda go on’

The chairman of Koda’s board of directors, Niels Rønsholdt, expresses regret at the result, but stresses that the board’s work to maintain a strong and well-run Koda continues:

‘On the board of directors, we had hoped that the vote would echo the general meeting’s support for the proposal. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and we must of course accept that decision. Democracy has spoken, and fortunately, we have – even without a new member – an excellent and competent board, which is now looking forward to continuing the efforts to maintain a strong and well-run Koda’.

Democracy has spoken - Niels Rønsholdt