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Will I receive distributions if my music is used on YouTube?

Yes. But in order for you to receive distributions, your music must be provided with accurate metadata submitted to YouTube via a music company or aggregator.

What about distributions for partnership channels?

If there are any commercials associated with the video, a payment/distribution will be made. Whether or not the channel in question is a partnership channel is not important.

Does the agreement apply to Koda members across all of YouTube, or does it just cover YouTube in DK?

Koda’s agreement with YouTube applies only to settlements for the Danish part of YouTube, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands. For music use in other countries, the rights of Koda members are represented by the local rights management society.

What does it take to get paid for music on YouTube?

You can only receive payment for music on YouTube if the following four criteria are met:

  1. The music has been reported to Koda
  2. At least one ad/commercial is associated with your (music) video.
  3. Your music is released and uploaded on YouTube via a music company or an aggregator.
  4. Your music company or  aggregator has delivered correct metadata for your music. (Please note that Koda cannot help you ensure that your music is uploaded/delivered to YouTube with the right data)
When do I receive distributions from YouTube?

You can receive settlements for views on YouTube as part of all four quarterly distributions made by Koda. Our distributions are paid out according to the reporting and settlement we have received from YouTube. This means that at this point in time, we cannot lay down a firm and fixed rule on when you will receive distributions relative to the time of the relevant performances/views.

How much do I get if my music is used on YouTube?

Your actual revenues for a video with music on YouTube depends on how many times it is streamed and the amount of ad revenue generated by the relevant video. Please note that advertising revenue can vary widely from video to video, as each video may have different numbers and types of ads/commercials associated with it.

How is music usage registered and reported?

YouTube can recognise most recorded music released by music companies. For music that is not released by music companies, YouTube relies on the metadata uploaded by your aggregator to YouTube. This metadata must include the correct title and the names of all composers and lyricists involved. YouTube registers the use of music and reports regularly to Koda. This reporting forms the basis for Koda’s distributions.

What do I do if others claim the rights to my music on YouTube?

We cannot guide you on or settle rights disputes that concern content uploaded on YouTube. If you discover that others are claiming the rights to your music, you should contact YouTube and use the options available for making a complaint.

How do I remove my music from YouTube?

If you discover your music being used on YouTube and you would like it removed, contact YouTube. For more details, visit the YouTube website here

How can I see what I receive from YouTube?


  • YouTube, Denmark: You can find out how much you’ve received from streams on YouTube by visiting your My Koda site and using the function 'Search NCB distribution’. Select ‘Distribution statements’ to see an overview of your NCB statements. Select an ‘Online’ attachment that reflects the specific distribution you want to see, for example ‘Online December 2016’. Since YouTube is owned by Google, you will find your distribution under the heading ‘Google, Ireland’ (Country: Denmark)


  • YouTube, Abroad: You can find information on your distributions from YouTube abroad on My Koda via the function ‘Search Koda distribution’. Here you select the specific distribution you want to see details on, e.g. ‘Abroad December 2016’. Your list of distribution details will include a list of the works for which you have received payment from abroad. Click the amount stated next to the individual work to view additional information. Distributions from YouTube will be listed as ‘International: Internet / Abroad: Internet’. However, please note that this distribution may also include distributions from other foreign online platforms. This is because the information we receive directly from abroad (outside of NCB) in this area is often not detailed.
How big is Koda’s share in YouTube’s revenues?

Koda’s YouTube distributions are calculated on the basis of the ad revenue generated by ads associated with the individual videos. We receive a percentage of these revenues based on our agreement with Google, and this rate, coupled with the number of streams, decides the size of our distributions.

The exact size of Koda’s share is a confidential aspect of our agreement with YouTube. To get the best deal possible, we have elected to accept YouTube’s demands for confidentiality.

Do I receive payment for ads on YouTube?

If your music is featured in advertisements associated with other content views, you will not receive distributions from YouTube. The reason is that such ads constitute paid placement of content.

If a YouTube video is an advertisement/commercial in itself, you will receive distributions for it as long as the required metadata has been delivered to YouTube.

Can Koda remove a block on my video on YouTube?

No. If your video has been blocked on YouTube, you need to contact YouTube. You can find details on the YouTube website here

Can I upload a cover version on YouTube?

A cover version is defined by being a version that does not differ from the original work. You can make a cover version if the work has been previously published, if you credit the authors and if the authors’ rights are managed by a collective rights management society.

To post a video of a cover version on YouTube, you must ask the authors or their publisher for a synchronisation licence (also known as a ‘sync’ licence), meaning a permission to pair the music with film/video. You can contact Koda’s Publishing and Member Service at [email protected] or call +45 33 30 63 20 to get help on finding out who to contact.

In order for the authors to receive distributions for views on YouTube, you must allow advertisements/commercials to be shown in connection with your video.

If you have made changes to a protected work, it is not considered a cover version. In that case, you must also ask the authors for permission to make the relevant changes.

Caution! Please note that an author always has the right to demand that a video using that author’s works is removed from YouTube. This applies even when all of the above conditions have been met.