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My Koda Releases 

  • Release 17-6-2022
    Work list / Register work: If there are changes to title, alternative title, duration or band name, these corrections must be made via the Work list and the "Corrections to title, duration and band name" button. As a result, Koda avoids a lot of manual corrections against our international work database ICE.

  • Release 7-6-2022
    Account overview: Excep / Pdf file with shares and start / end date must be as on the web.
    Complaint: Receipt email is sent as soon as the complaint is created.
    Documentation: Banner on My Koda should only be displayed for new / relevant documents.

  • Release 29-04-2022
    Concert list: It is possible to share your Concert List, for example with others in the band or a publisher.
    Work list: We have removed the comment button "Error on the work?" on the Work List as it did not dove.
    Account overview: Display is now correct on online amounts in relation to transfer and mechanical shares.
    Register work: If ‘version of free work / protected work’ has been selected, a helpful text will appear on the receipt to send documentation to the music advisor / Repertoire department.

  • Release 04-03-2022
    Language Danish / English: Language selection is now remembered when, for example, going from English Koda website to English My Koda, to menu items.
    Complaint module: "Red stars" (asterisks) have been placed at mandatory fields.
    Report concert, Artists: It is possible to delete / hide artist names that are no longer used for concert reporting.

  • Release 10/02/2022
    Job search: You can search by artist name.
    Search for work: It can be seen on the work which artists have performed the work in public.
    Concert list: Now a concert report, which is a duplicate to another report, is called a "duplicate" for reasons of rejection instead of "rejected".

  • Release 02/02/2022
    Report concert: Validation of the fields on fees, comments, etc.
    Report concert: The comment field has increased the number of characters.
    Report concert: You can now choose where the receipt email should be sent to.
    Report Concert: Red auxiliary star has been added to required fields
    Account overview: Text about transports is now also displayed on "View: Account" on those who have transports.
    Register work: The function "Add work with the same information" will now no longer transfer the comment field.
    Worklist: A problem with copyright units has been fixed.
    Tool Search: Error displaying too many details has been fixed.
    Job search: Now you can search again for a complete / exact title.

  • Release 24 / 11-21
    Register work, Add copyright holder: You can now again in Register work, under Add rights holder-Search, click on Select button next to the name - and do not have to first wait for all works on the person to open up.
    Register work, Text box: A small text box within non-mandatory fields.

  • Release 15 / 11-21
    Worklist search does not return results if the entire title is typed
    Report concert - there are problems with updating the Concert List and creating a Concert Organizer.

  • Release 30 / 9-21
    Account: Transport view in Excel / Pdf shows the amount of all rights holders under all the names.
    Account: Excel / Pdf can now be switched between.
    Account: Excel now shows a column whether it is resp. author or publisher (eg for transports).
    Register work: Choose where the receipt email is to be sent to.
    Search for movies / Appointments: Work details open up in a new window, so that the search result is still available.
  • Release 21 / 9-21
    Register work: New design of 'Register work'. All points are there, but have been folded and moved around, so it should seem simpler to register a work.
    Work list: Error views in Work list are corrected, for example that the same work appears several times or that long titles fill two lines.
    Register work: Easier to choose the right co-author in search in 'Register work'
    Work list: Possibility to put a sign on the Work List if, for example, there are "delays in work registrations".
    Work list: The author can now also (like publishers) see ‘Work details’ and see distribution for a country other than Denmark in relation to the publishing agreement.
    Report concert: When opening a submitted concert, the 'Concert' field is now automatically ticked.
    Report concert: Error with Report concert when it does not want to send / save - and the concert reporting comes in without info.
    Concert list: Sorting on Concert list extended.
    Account, front page: On the front page in the left box, the "Next payout date" has been added, so that members can see when they can expect 'Earned money' to be paid out.
    Account, front page: Payment calendar / date in the Help box.
    Account: Better display on the Account Summary, where you see after sorting by amount instead of title and lines PR / MR merged into amounts so that it does not fill infinitely many lines.
    Front page: Change log: A wish from the publisher that you can see what has been of the release on My Koda etc.
    Complaint: On the front page there are now links in the banner, so you can go directly to eg Create complaint - as well as other changes with complaint.
    Searching for movies (cue sheet): Now the author also has access to search the movie database.
    Analysis: Export result in relation to filters.