Should I send in sheet music and music files of my works?

Having your works registered with Koda does not give them any special added protection or copyrights. Your protection is ensured automatically by the Copyright Act, which states that you hold the copyright to your music from the moment you created it. This means that you do not need to register your works with us in order to secure your copyright. 

This also means that all you need to do is to register the title and rightsholders of your works via My Koda. Having that information is enough for us to match reports of performances of these works with your registration. In other words, you are automatically protected by the law and do not need to send any audio files or notes to us. We do not need to hear your music; all we need is a work registration from you. Then you will receive distributions when we receive reports of your music being played publicly.

Check our VIDEO GUIDE for assistance on how to register a work.

What do I do if I disagree with how a work has been registered?

If you disagree with the way a given work has been registered, send an email to this effect to The deadline for making complaints is no later than 36 months after the first distribution is made for the work in question, but the sooner you react, the better.

What happens if I forget to register a work?

Within many of the fields managed by Koda, the distributions concern performances done within the present year. For this reason, it is important that you submit notification of your works while they are new – only then can you receive your distributions on time.

If you happen not to have registered a work before it is performed, you do not lose the right to receive the amounts accrued to the work – those amounts remain tied to the work. When you register it at a later date, the amount will be paid out as part of the next distribution.

However, please note that you must register the work within the 36-month complaints deadline, calculated from the time of the first distribution.