New features will give members greater insight into their distributions

Today, Koda’s online self-service solution, My Koda, launches a number of new functions. The objective is to give Koda members access to a faster overview and deeper insight into their distributions and where their music gets played.

Now, Koda members can get a quick, visual overview of their distributions and plays. The new features of the ‘Analytics’ section of My Koda also allow you to delve into specific details of your distributions based on data from Koda and NCB that dates up to five years back in time.

For example, you can choose to look at a single work for a specific selected period, and by using filters you can also get detailed insight into where the money comes from, presented by distribution area and country. You can also see which works have generated the most income within Koda’s various distribution areas.

No new data has been added to My Koda, but the new tool makes it easier to form an overview of the information available – and to explore exact details about where your music has been played.

How to access the new features

Log on to My Koda:
Click ‘Go to Analytics’ in the box on the front page – and you’re well on your way to detailed information!

More functions on the way

We will regularly expand the new analytics tool, adding more features in the future. If you come across any problems or have comments on My Koda, please contact Koda’s member services at

Don’t have a My Koda profile yet?

Having a My Koda profile enables you to provide us with all the information required to ensure that you receive payment when your music is played. The four main functions on My Koda are: 

  • Work registration
  • Reporting concerts
  • Distribution overview
  • Analytics


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