Producers’ role

The concept of “producers” is used to refer to a wide range of functions associated with the creation and production of music, and in our experience producers today often play a greater and more important part in the process than before.

A producer may simply provide technical assistance and be paid for those services without prompting the author(s) to allocate any additional rights to him/her, but producers may also help shape the music to such an extent that they may be entitled to an arranger’s share. Producers may also be made co-writers and be included in the division of shares as composers or lyricists if their creative contributions warrant such inclusion.

Composer vs. arranger

The original composer determines whether the producer has made a creative contribution to the music that entitles him/her to a share of the royalties. The composer decides whether the producer’s contribution corresponds to that of an arranger (making him/her eligible for a share of up to 16,67%) or of a composer or lyricist (where no such limit apply). Please note that if several composers or lyricists have collaborated on a musical work, you must all be in agreement if you choose to adapt or rework the song at some future point.

We urge all members to ensure that the allocation of rights reflects the creative process and that agreements on these shares are made at an early stage of the process and before a registration of the song is submitted to Koda.