Koda’s board of directors at the extraordinary general meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting: Proposed changes approved

At the Koda Extraordinary General Meeting on 24 August, three proposals for amendments to the Articles of Association were put to the vote for the second time: the decision not to allow double mandates, a change in the frequency of elections, and a specific adjustment to the phrasing of the Articles of Association. All proposals were voted through by a significant majority.

”At Koda’s annual general meeting in June, three out of four proposals for amendments to the Articles of Association were adopted by a majority. The rules however state that all amendments to the Articles of Association require the proposals to also be finally voted through by a majority of more than two-thirds at an extraordinary general meeting. Therefore, on 24 August, an extraordinary general meeting was held, where voting on the three proposals was the only item on the agenda. All three proposals were approved by a significant majority.

The amendments to the Articles of Association mean, firstly, that it will no longer be possible to hold a double mandate on Koda’s board of directors. This means that the five board members elected by the general meeting may not simultaneously sit on the board of one of the three composers’ associations or Musikforlæggerne (the Danish Music Publishers Association). Each of the four associations already has a seat on the board, where they are represented by their respective chairs. The change will take effect from the Annual General Meeting 2022, meaning that it will not have an impact on the current members of the Koda board of directors.”

In addition, a change in voting frequency was also voted through, meaning that both authors and publishers are elected anew each year in future. Finally, the extraordinary general meeting also supported a change to the phrasing of the Articles of Association, meaning that in future the articles will use the terms ‘forperson’/’chair’ rather than ‘forman’/’chairman’.