A podcast is a digital file that typically contains a mix of speak and music. For example, the speak can serve as an introduction to or mark the end of individual musical works. To be relevant for our purposes, the podcast must include one or more different musical works, often as excerpts or as part of a music mix.

Do I get paid if my music is used in podcasts?

If your music has been used by DR in their podcasts, they will tell us about this usage, and you will receive payment as part of the total distribution for DR’s online platforms.

Due to their as-yet limited scope, other agreements on podcasts are based on ‘voluntary reporting’. Koda only processes reporting for smaller podcasts if they involve specially composed music where the music has been supplied by a single composer or group of composers.

What to do if your music is used

If your music is used in a podcast or you have written music specifically for a podcast, we would love to hear from you. Contact medlem@koda.dk

Permission – and agreements with Koda

If you want to publish your own (or someone else’s) podcast on a website, you must have an agreement with Koda in place. You can find more details here

If you mix or otherwise rework the music of others in a podcast, you need permission from the rightsholder or their publisher. We are happy to help you with contact details, but you’ll need to apply for permission yourself. Contact Koda’s Publisher and Member Services at medlem@koda.dk or by calling +45 33 30 63 20.