General information on concerts

Your distributions are determined by the customers’ agreements

The distributions you’ll receive for concerts are calculated on the basis of the payment Koda receives from the relevant promoter. What is more, the distribution will depend on these factors:

  • The duration of the concert
  • The duration of the work(s)
  • Your share in the work(s)
  • Ticket revenues, if any

With all these variables in play,  it can be difficult to give specific figures on what you can expect to receive for a concert. We provide some general examples here. Please note that the examples below apply only to concerts where the distribution is based on the turnover. You can get an overview of all concerts here

Examples of concert distributions for concerts given in 2019

Admission fee revenues Promoter’s payment to Koda Distribution made by Koda
DKK 0 - 10,000 DKK 472 - 500  DKK 630
DKK 20,000 DKK 1,000 

DKK 1,050

DKK 50,000 DKK 2,500 DKK 2,625
DKK 100,000 DKK 5,000 DKK 5,250
DKK 200,000

DKK 10,000

DKK 10,500
DKK 500,000 DKK 25,000 DKK 26,250


As the table shows, Koda’s distributions exceed the payments received by us. This is because we do not receive reporting for all concerts where Koda has in fact been paid. These revenues stay in the pot and are distributed to other, reported concerts.

Distributions depend on duration

The total amount distributed for each concert is divided up between the individual music works according to the duration of each work.

If the playing time is not stated on the concert report, we use the duration stated by the author when we originally received reporting about the work. If the concert lasts less than 40 minutes, or if copyrighted music accounts for less than 40 minutes of the total playing time, we will set the duration of the concert at 40 minutes when making our calculations.

You can see when distributions are made in our distribution schedule