Changing your own works

New versions are made – the old ones still exist  

It is not unusual for authors to adapt, change or rework their own works over time. Also, new members of a band may add new facets to a given work. When a work is adapted or changed by original or later authors this does NOT mean that the original work no longer exists or should be deleted.

When a work is adapted or changed a new version of the original work appears. The new version cannot replace the existing work unless no distribution of royalties was ever made for the original work or the original work was never recorded.

New division of shares for existing works

The first time a registration of a work is submitted, the shares allocated to its authors should reflect the contributions made by each individual author in the creation of the work. The division of shares between authors may only be amended if the original notification was incorrect. If a new registration is submitted, it must state that the new registration is the result of errors in the original registration, and all authors (including any authors that are no longer eligible for shares) must authorise the new division of shares.

This also means that any changes to the line-up of a band do NOT in themselves warrant a new division of shares for a given work. Any changes made to the division of shares and/or the number and identity of authors of a work must always be based on changes where existing or new authors have made new creative contributions compared to the original work. Also, any authors who are no longer included in the division of shares may only be excluded if their contribution to the original work is no longer present in the new version.

Register your new version at My Koda

If you have created a new version of your own work and you wish to register a new division of shares, please observe the following:

  • ALL original composers and lyricists (including any who are no longer included) must sign a statement stating that they accept that a new version with a new division of shares now exists. If the new registration bears the signatures necessary the work will be registered as a separate version. You can submit an email including a copy of the signatures of all parties concerned to 
  • Do not use identical titles. The new version must not bear the same title as the original work. We receive and process all reports and registrations electronically, and our system cannot distinguish between two different versions of a work if they have the exact same title. This may affect the distributions made, and so we recommend that you change the title enough to enable a clear distinction between the two works. (Frequently used additions to the original title are: live, edit, radio cut, vol.II, acoustic, 2013, feat. XX, long version, etc.)  

As a composer you have the right to authorise and submit registration for a new arrangement of your own work without asking permission of the original arranger if his/her arrangement is not featured in the new version. You also have the right to submit a work registration of a new version of your own work without an arranger even if it was previously registered as an original work with arranger(s).