How do we get information about music being played in commercials?

Koda always asks to receive reports of music that is played in public – which includes music featured in commercials. In reality, however, it is not always possible for Koda’s customers to provide this information, and within the field of commercials, it can be difficult to obtain information about the music used. Therefore, it may be a good idea for you to notify us when your music has been used in a commercial.

Commercials on TV

As regards TV commercials handled by Koda, we receive information from the broadcasters or Gallup. This information provides details about the commercials, product, broadcast times and channel information.

In addition, we receive information from the relevant TV station or post-production company about the music used in the commercial. If you make music for commercials, you might want to remind the relevant advertising agency / producer to submit information on the music used along with the commercial itself when it is distributed. The TV station and the post-producers – and, ultimately, Koda – rely on those who produce the commercials to pass on information about the music. If you have the relevant music information yourself, you are always welcome to send the information directly to us.

Commercials for radio, cinemas and online

Koda does not collect reports regarding commercials for radio, cinemas and online. Collecting such reports would be neither practically feasible nor financially viable: the resources required to obtain fully accurate information would outweigh the benefits However, if you have provided music for commercials played on the radio or in cinema, you are welcome to send Koda information about the relevant commercials and where and when they have been broadcast/screened. We will then investigate whether the relevant reporting can be obtained and make the distributions due to you.

How to submit information on the use of your music in commercials  

If you contact Koda in connection with a complaint or you wish to inform us about future / current advertising campaigns involving commercials that feature your music, we will need the following information:

  • Work titles with work numbers
  • A media plan from the advertising agency/producer or a Clock number / Spot ID for TV2, SBS/Discovery and MTG Viasat, respectively

If you cannot obtain a media plan or Clock number/Spot ID for TV broadcast, you can instead submit a list of:

  • Work titles with work numbers
  • The title of the advertising campaign/name of the product advertised
  • Identity of the advertiser
  • Channels (radio/TV) on which the commercials are run
  • Date of broadcast and exact time of broadcast

One exact broadcast per TV station per commercial is enough.

You can submit your information to

How Koda carries out distributions for commercials

Distributions for all commercials are made using 50% of the current rate for mechanical performance within the relevant distribution area. You can read more about the various distribution areas here