Unidentified works or rightsholders

Koda has a number of rightsholders and musical works that are difficult to identify properly. This makes it impossible to make a payment at present. Such rightsholders, musical works and track information are displayed in our database for unidentified works or rightsholders. The data is updated on a regular basis.

Feel free to check out the database. The HELP section has a guide on how to best use the database, and what to do, if you have any information, that could help us.


Koda actively tries to find the correct documentation for both works and rightsholders, when there has been no automatic match between the music reports and the registered musical works in our system. However, it is a time consuming task and the data flow is huge.


Koda reserves an amount for distribution for these unidentified works and rightsholders. Koda members are urged to notify their works properly, if they find unregistered works that belong to them in the database. Ultimate deadline is 36 months from the date of the original distribution. After this date, Koda will recirculate the reserved amount into the ordinary distributions of the corresponding distribution areas.

Payment limits

Payment is possible as soon as an account exceeds DKK 100. If you have a foreign bank account, the amount limit is DKK 1000. These are Koda's ordinary amount limits.

Exchange of unidentified data with foreign societies

Koda sends lists of unidentified works and rightsholders to foreign collective rights management societies, several times a year. Thereby giving them the opportunity to recognize and react to any work or rightsholder, for which they might hold the correct documentation. The deadline for these foreign societies is also 36 months to claim a payment on behalf of their members. Koda receives and checks corresponding lists from foreign copyright companies.

Guide to the database

Find help on how to read data and what to do, if you have information that can help us. The Help section can also be accessed from the database.