Greenlandic and Faroese TV

Per-minute value

The per-minute value of KNR TV and Kringvarp Føroya is DKK 25.  

When do we make distributions?

To see when we make distributions, check our distribution schedule

Reductions for station IDs, logos, trailers etc. 

We apply reductions to distributions for station IDs, call signs, station sound design, trailers and similar performances of music that was not created exclusively for a particular show and which is primarily used outside of the actual scheduled broadcasts. The reduced value is set at 10% of the relevant TV channel’s usual per-minute value.

A corresponding reduction is applied when carrying out distributions for extensive use of background music within individual programmes, for example when using long – looping or otherwise extended – jingles faded into the background of e.g. narration, speaks, news reports, interviews and the like.


Koda receives full (100%) reporting from Greenlandic and Faroese TV. To the extent that the programmes broadcast are identical to those broadcast on DR and TV2, we reuse the information provided for these. The channels are legally obliged to inform Koda of all their music use, so there is no need for you to notify Koda if your music is used on KNR or Kringvarp Føroya.