Concerts in Tivoli

Every year, the Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen hosts more than 1,000 concerts. Most of these concerts feature Tivoli’s own in-house orchestras, such as the Tivoli Big Band or the Promenade Orchestra. Apart from this, Tivoli also hosts its Friday concerts, an annual Music Schools’ Day and several other major or minor events during the season.

Distributions from Tivoli vary from one year to the next

Tivoli’s use of music changes all the time, and these variations have a bearing on your distributions. Every year, we assess whether our distributions should be adjusted as the array of concerts on offer change. This means that you will not necessarily receive the same distributions from Tivoli every year.

Concerts given in 2019 


TIVOLI Distribution per concert in DKK
Friday Rock, Plænen (extra charge on admission fees) 37,500
Tivoli's own orchestras 1,700
Other concerts in Tivoli 1,700


Distributions depend on duration

The total amount distributed for each concert is divided up between the individual music works according to the duration of each work.

If the playing time is not stated on the concert report, we use the duration stated by the author when we originally received reporting about the work. If the concert lasts less than 40 minutes, or if copyrighted music accounts for less than 40 minutes of the total playing time, we will set the duration of the concert at 40 minutes when making our calculations.

Distribution schedule

You can see when distributions are made in our distribution schedule