Streaming services

The distributions made for music on streaming services vary from one period to the next and will differ from one service to another. At the same time, your distributions will depend on your share in the rights and on how many times your music is streamed. You can see when distributions are made in our distribution schedule

The streaming services’ payment for music

Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music all pay a share of their revenue for the right to use copyrighted music. In total, the services pay out around 70 per cent of their revenue to those who hold the rights to the music. Approximately 55 per cent typically go to record companies and their artists, while 12 to 15 per cent typically go to Koda.

Your distributions will vary

When Koda receives its share of a streaming service’s revenue for a given period, those revenues are distributed equally among all the streams that have taken place on the service for that given period. Thus, the value of a stream is equal for all members.

However, please note that the distributions made for a stream will vary from service to service and from one period to the next. This is because the distributions made for a stream is determined by:

  • the revenues generated by the service in question, and
  • the number of streams made during a given period.

For this reason, it is impossible to say in advance how much a stream will be worth in future distributions from Koda.

Your specific distributions will also depend on:

  • how many times your music has been streamed
  • your share in the rights to the music. 

The table below shows examples of average distributions from Koda to members who hold full rights (100%) to the music in question. This is to say that if you hold 50 per cent of the rights to a given work, you will receive, on average, half of the stated amount.

Average distribution for 1,000 streams per service in 2017


Service To be distributed for 1,000 streams
Spotify DKK 10.4
Spotify Free  DKK 0.9 
Apple Music DKK 28
Tidal  DKK 19.2
Nuuday /TDC Play) DKK 18.8
Deezer DKK 15.5

The table shows the average distributions made in 2017 for 1,000 streams on the services’ subscription plans. Additionally, it also shows the average distribution made for 1,000 streams on the ad-funded version of Spotify (Spotify Free), which is the only service offering this model.

On average, across all services, Koda paid out DKK 14 per 1,000 streams in 2017.

Differences between services

There are certain differences between the services. For example, a stream on Spotify yields relatively less than a stream on other services such as Tidal. This is because Spotify users generally listen to more music than Tidal users.

Streaming services with whom Koda has entered in agreements

The Danish rights alliance organisation RettighedsAlliancen, of which Koda is a member, has set up a website offering an overview of all the services that have entered into agreements with rightsholders in Denmark.

View the list of the services