Restaurant, Café, Bar etc.

The amounts collected forms the basis for the distributions

The ‘Restaurant and smaller venues’ area covers live performances in cafés, bars, restaurants, etc. Concerts of this kind often do not generate any ticket revenues in themselves. Instead, the amounts collected forms the basis for our distributions.

The distributions made by Koda depend on what the customer pays per day of music. Such payments depend on:

  • The overall concert activity
  • The size of the venue
Examples of distributions made for concerts held in 2019


Promoter's payment per day of music Distribution per concert
DKK 0 - 200 DKK 210
DKK 201 - 300 DKK 350
DKK 301 - 400 DKK 420
DKK 401 - 500 DKK 525


As the table shows, Koda’s distributions exceed the payments received by us. This is because we do not receive reporting for all concerts where Koda has in fact been paid. These revenues stay in the pot and are divided out among other, reported concerts.

Distributions depend on duration

The total amount distributed for each concert is divided up between the individual music works according to the duration of each work.

If the playing time is not stated on the concert report, we use the duration stated by the author when we originally received reporting about the work. If the concert lasts less than 40 minutes, or if copyrighted music accounts for less than 40 minutes of the total playing time, we will set the duration of the concert at 40 minutes when making our calculations.

When does Koda carry out distributions?

As of 2019, Koda makes monthly distributions for concerts if we have received and fully processed reports on the music performed and received and processed payment information on the individual concerts. Please allow for a processing time of two to three months from performance to distribution.

See our distribution schedule