Here you can find information on how Koda calculates and carries out distributions for music played on TV channels operated by DR. The information provided here is based on past distributions, and we cannot predict the exact amounts of your upcoming distributions as these may vary from one distribution to the next.

The size of your distribution will depend on:

  • Where your work was performed
  • At what time of the day or night your work was used
  • How long your work was played for
  • Your shares in the work

You can find the current per-minute values here

When do we make distributions?

To see when we make distributions, check our distribution schedule

Jingles, theme songs, etc.
  • No reductions are applied to theme songs, jingles and background theme music for competitions. Distributions for music of this kind are made using the same values/rates applied to other mechanical performances.
  • Reductions are applied for station IDs (call signs), station sound design, trailers and similar – i.e. for performances of music that has not been created exclusively for a particular show and which is primarily used outside of the actual scheduled broadcasts. The reduced value is set at 10% of the relevant TV channel’s usual per-minute value.

DR is legally obliged to report all its music usage to Koda. If your music is used on any DR TV channels, we will automatically be informed.