Films in cinemas

How do we obtain information about the music being played?

Koda collects payment from cinema owners when they show films that include copyrighted music. Once a year, Statistics Denmark sends information to Koda about the films shown in Danish cinemas during that year. In addition to the film titles, the information also includes details on the production company behind the film and the number of tickets sold. The production companies send Koda information about the music featured the films in the form of so-called cue-sheets, which include information on titles, authors and the duration of the music played.

How we calculate your distributions

Once a year, we distribute the amounts collected from cinema owners as payment for showing films with copyrighted music. Koda’s distributions are closely linked to each individual film in order to ensure that two or more films with the same number of tickets sold will be treated the same in our distributions, meaning that the distributions do not depend on whether there is little or a lot of music in the film.

The calculation

(Number of tickets sold x time played x DKK per ticket) / Total film playing time = distribution

Distribution example

A composer has created a work that is nine minutes long, while the total duration of the music played in the film comes to 78 minutes. The film has been screened in Danish cinemas, selling a total of 152,000 tickets over the course of a year. For each ticket sold, DKK 0,49 is available for distribution.

152,000 x 9 x 0.49 / 78 = DKK 8593.85

You can view your own distributions at My Koda