Your own music on your own website

Featuring your own works on your own website is free provided that you comply with the following requirements:

  • The music works must be available for free – no payment may be charged for listening to or downloading the music.
  • The website may not generate revenues in the form of sales of e.g. banner ads.
  • The website owner(s) must own all rights to the music made available at the site.
  • Cover versions of music created by others do not fall within the scope of this agreement.
  • The website must be your own. You do not need to have your own domain name, but you must own all rights to the website.

If these requirements are not met, send an inquiry to to set up an agreement.

No charge – no distribution from Koda

You don’t need to pay to feature your own music on your own website, but this also means that you won’t receive any distributions for doing so. You also don’t need to notify us of the titles you keep on your website.


If you have any questions regarding the agreement on ‘Own music on own website’, you are very welcome to contact Koda’s Publisher and Member Services via or (+45) 33 30 63 20.