‘On hold’ music

‘On hold’ music (music played to callers on telephone lines) covers the music played by companies, offices, hospitals etc. when incoming calls are on hold.

When does Koda carry out distributions for ‘on hold’ music?

If your music is used as ‘on hold’ music, you will receive distributions once a year, in September. For example,  you would receive distributions for music used throughout 2018 in June 2019.

How much will I get?

The amounts distributed by us reflect the customer’s contract with us, which in turn reflects how many telephone lines the deal covers. In practice, a typical distribution comes to DKK 1,500 per year, which corresponds to one customer’s agreement covering 60 telephone lines.

How does Koda get information about ‘on hold ‘music?

Koda's customers are not required to report exactly which music they play for callers who are on hold. Distributions for ‘on hold’ music are made annually as part of our ‘background’ distributions in June.

What to do if your music is used as ‘on hold’ music 

If you know your music is being used as ‘on hold’ music, you are very welcome to contact us. This helps us make distributions that specifically cover your music and the relevant customer. Please contact koncertrapportering@koda.dk