How does Koda distribute money?

We deposit all distributions to your NemKonto unless you have specifically instructed us to do otherwise. You do not need to inform us if you change banks, as your NemKonto is registered automatically and directly linked to your CPR number. Distributions are only paid out when the amount comes to DKK 100 or more. All distributions are done via bank transfer. When making bank transfers to a bank abroad, the minimum amount is set at 1,000 kr.

When does Koda make distributions?

Koda makes distributions four times a year: in March, June, September and December. However, as of this year Koda will operate with monthly distributions for many areas. Quarterly distributions are done within some areas, but within a few specific areas it is still only possible to make distributions once a year. For details, see the distribution schedule. 2019 will be a year that transforms Kodas distributions. 

Have taxes been deducted from Koda distributions when I receive them?

Your earnings from Koda and NCB are registered as ‘B-income’ under Danish law. Please note that this means that tax has NOT been deducted from the amount you receive from Koda. We advise all members to set aside funds towards paying your taxes. We report our distributions regularly to the Danish tax authorities, SKAT. Contact SKAT for further information on tax-related issues.