Video On Demand

Koda has entered into agreements with a number of Video On Demand (VOD) services, which include film and series services such as Netflix, iTunes and Filmstriben as well as services belonging to broadcasters such as TV2 Play and Viaplay. Some of these services are subscription-based, where users get access to a catalogue of films and series for a fixed monthly payment, while other are pay-per-view services, where films are rented individually and where users pay per rental.

Reporting / Distribution

Reporting from VOD services is typically provided at the level of film titles, while the subsequent distribution is paid out on the basis of matches up against cue sheets, which contain information about the works, composers and durations used. In the case of television content, Koda can also reuse the music reporting received from TV stations for the primary broadcasts on flow channels.

If you have written music for a film, it is a good idea to make sure that the production company behind the film submits cue-sheets to Koda so that your music can be properly registered and you can receive due payment. 

You can find an overview of Koda’s VOD areas below. 


A subscription-based film and series service.

TV2 play

A subscription service offering content from TV2’s TV channels as well as a selection of other films and series. Koda only receives reporting on the service’s on-demand consumption, which means that distributions are only made within this field. Simulcast of TV2’s TV channels is covered by the main distributions made for the flow channels.


A subscription service that provides access to a range of movies and series as well as TV content and sports from the TV3 channels. In addition, Viaplay has a movie rental portal where you can rent movies individually. The two types of consumption are licensed and distributed separately as ‘Viaplay subscriptions’ and ‘Viaplay Film Rental’, respectively.

YouSee VOD (Blockbuster)

Movie rental via the Blockbuster platform.

iTunes VOD

Rental / streaming or permanent movie download via iTunes or Apple TV. The two types of consumption are licensed and paid separately as ‘iTunes VOD – streaming’ and ‘iTunes VOD – download’ respectively.


Subscription service where all users with a PIN for a Danish library have access to a range of short films, documentary films and feature films.


The Danish Film Institute’s VOD service for short films and documentary films.

Other VOD

This section covers revenues from VOD services offered by Stofa, Aller Media, Waoo, Telia and others. All of these services are digital movie rental portals. To minimise costs, the distributions for this section are based on data from YouSee Filmleje (Blockbuster), which is considered representative in terms of content and consumption.