Film and TV in teaching

Koda carries out distributions for ‘TV used in teaching’ and ‘Films used in teaching’. These areas cover music used in television shows and feature films that are shown as part of face-to-face teaching at elementary schools, colleges and other institutions of education as well as in businesses and churches. Koda receives payment through Copydan’s AVU-Medier organisation, which enters into joint agreements with the schools on behalf of the various rights management organisations involved in television and film.

Reporting / distribution

TV in teaching and Film in teaching are separate distributions areas; Koda receives separate reporting and settlements for each area. Koda receives the reports from Center For Undervisningsmidler  (the Centre for Educational Resources), which makes television programmes and films available digitally or via the lending of physical copies. The reports received by Koda specifies the number of streams or rentals per title, which is used as a parameter when carrying out distributions.

For TV in teaching, part of the amount distributed is settled through the reuse of reporting from relevant and representative TV channels.