When website providers use music on their website, they must have an agreement with Koda in place. Koda offers different types of website deals depending on the amount of music being used as well as on the number of visitors to the website. This may involve individually negotiated agreements with major providers, or Koda’s package deals for websites (small, medium or large package), which are aimed at smaller websites with limited music use and visitor numbers.



  • Websites – with reporting
    Koda collects and processes reporting from online providers whose use of music or number of visitors is too large to fall within the scope of Koda’s package deals for websites. In addition, Koda handles reporting pertaining to specially composed music regardless of what type of online agreement the provider has with Koda. Read more about specially composed music online.
  • Websites – no reporting
    Koda does not collect and process reporting for users who have signed on to one of Koda’s package deals, meaning that Koda does not make distributions for the specific music usage on websites with such an agreement. Collecting and processing individual reporting for this area would be unfeasibly costly and out of proportion to the revenues generated per website.

Instead, the revenues generated from these website providers are distributed on the basis of reporting from other, comparable and representative online areas.