Music Creators

We ensure that our members, the music creators, get paid when their music is played in public.

Koda is a non-profit collective rights management society that administers Danish and international copyrights for our members - 47.000 music creators and publishers - when their music is performed in public. 

Public performances are e.g. broadcasts, concerts, music in restaurants, shops, hotels etc. The money we receive from this, we subsequently forward to our members with a very low administration cost of approx 10 percent.

Koda administers the public performance rights as well as the mechanical rights, i.e. the copyrights involved in recording and producing musical works on CD, DVD, video and other sound carrying media. We administer the mechanical rights on behalf of NCB (Nordic Copyright Bureau).
Through reciprocal agreements with sister societies throughout the world, we also administer the rights of more than one million foreign rights holders when their music is played in Denmark. Likewise, our sister societies administer the Danish rights when your music is played abroad.