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Register work

Video: How to register a work (In Danish with English subtitles)


When registering a work on My Koda, you need to fill in four mandatory fields.

  1. Work title

Enter the title of the work in this field. You can choose to fill in the ‘alternative title’ field if the work is to be used in a commercial, a movie or on TV. The alternative title helps us recognise your work once your music has been used.

Example: Original title ‘Efterårets klang’, alternative title ‘TDC – Efterårets klang’. 

  1. Duration

Specify an approximate duration. Distributions are made according to the reported duration, not the duration registered by you.  

  1. Role

Choose the relevant role among these options: composer, author, arranger, translator or composer/author. Your own name comes up automatically. If you want to add more rightsholders, you have three different options:

  • Find the relevant member by searching for them by name.
  • Enter their membership number or IPI number (international membership number).
  • If a rightsholder is not a member of Koda, just enter their name (last name first). You can use the comment box to provide additional information (date of birth, performing alias, country). 
  1. Division of shares

The division of shares must be made in accordance with the applicable rules on standard division or on the agreed division of shares. To view the division of shares in the relevant fields, click the button ‘Calculate standard share’ button. If you have agreed on a different division of shares than the default standard shares, you need to enter the relevant shares in the fields yourself.

Do you write music in collaboration with people abroad?

If you write music in collaboration with composers and lyricists abroad, you need to register your work on My Koda and possibly also with another collective rights management society abroad. To do that, you’ll need an IPI number – a unique, international identifying number assigned to every songwriter/publisher. You can find your IPI number under your profile on My Koda. Don’t forget to get your international collaborators’ IPI numbers too – you’ll need them on My Koda.  

How do I register a work with multiple rightsholders?

If you want to add more rightsholders to a work, you have the following options:

  • Find the relevant member with the search function.
  • Enter the relevant member’s membership number or IPI number (international membership number).
  • If the rightsholder is not a member, enter their name (last name first) and, if necessary, use the comment box to provide additional information (artist name, country, possibly date of birth).


What does ‘unprotected lyrics’ and ‘unprotected music’ mean?

When lyrics and music are unprotected, this means that composer or lyricist has been dead for more than 70 years, and their copyright has lapsed. If you use unprotected lyrics, or as it is often referred to as music in the public domain, tick the relevant boxes in the work registration form and fill in the name of the composer or lyricist under ‘Rightsholders and division of shares’. If you do not know the name, write DP instead.

Read more about creating your own versions of works in the public domain


Are all rightsholders notified when a work is registered?

Yes. If others register a work to which you hold rights, you will receive a message on My Koda. This way, you have the opportunity to check that the information provided and the allocation of shares are correct. You will also be notified if a publisher registers a work that you have previously registered yourself.

You will not be notified of a re-registration of the work, nor of registrations of new versions, arrangements or translations. As always, that kind of registration requires permission from the rightsholders of the original work so that we can make sure everyone agrees with the information registered.

If you disagree with a work registration, please send an email to

What does it mean when works appear in my list of works as ‘Not notified’?

This means that the work has not been registered with us, which in turns means that we cannot make any distributions for it. It is important to always register your works – there may be money waiting for you. To register your works, go to the ‘Register Works’ menu and select ‘New original work’.