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Report concert

Video: How to report a concert (in Danish with English subtitles)

Here you will find guidelines on how to report a concert via My Koda.

Remember: always report your concerts no later than one month after you played them. 

Artist name

Find the relevant artist name in the drop-down menu (if the name has already been registered) or create a new artist name in our system.

Date, time and number of concerts

Fill in the date and time of the concert. List the number of concerts as ‘1’ unless you have played several concerts at the same venue for the same concert promoter on the same day or over a period of time.


Here you can search for the relevant venue and select it from the list. If you do not find the venue you are looking for, enter its details itself. You must fill in a name, address and postcode at the very least; it would be helpful if you could also add a telephone number and the name of a contact at the venue.  

Concert promoter

If the venue is also the concert promoter, tick the box next to the statement ‘Is the venue also the concert promoter?’. When you tick this box, the information provided for the venue will be copied so that it also appears as the information listed for the concert promoter.

Don’t forget that that the concert promoter (the one organising the concert) is the one who will submit payment to Koda for the concert. This will often be the venue; only very rarely will it be a booker or manager. If you are unsure who is officially responsible for arranging the concert, you might want to contact your booking agency – or check out the contract for the concert.

Set list

You can add works in two ways:

  • Select a set list you have already created on a previous occasion. You can edit the list under the individual concert or under ‘Set list’ in the menu to the left.
  • Add the works individually. You can search for your own works as well as for works created by others. If you cannot find a particular work in the list, you can create the work yourself by clicking ‘Create New’ and entering the title, name and duration of the work.
Your concert report has been successfully sent when you get a confirmation of receipt

Your concert report has not been submitted until you see a receipt on the screen and have received an email confirmation. Once you have clicked ‘Submit’, you have the opportunity to create a set list containing the works listed in your report.

When should I report my concerts?

Your concerts must be reported within one month of being held if you want to be sure of receiving distributions for them. We recommend that you always register your works first at My Koda under ‘Register work’, wait for them to appear in your list of works, and then make your concert reporting.

Where can I see the current status of my concerts?

On your My Koda profile, your concert list will show you the current status of your reported concerts, giving you an overview of how far they have progressed in the system.

One of these statuses will apply :

  • Incomplete/Not submitted: the concert report has not been submitted yet; you can still edit it.
  • Submitted to Koda: the concert report has been received by Koda and is being processed.
  • Rejected: the concert report has been rejected. There may be several reasons for this. Often, it is because we need more information about the promoter, or because some of the details reported are incorrect. Check the details in your report or contact our Publisher and Member Service at [email protected]
  • Ready for distribution: this concert will be included in the next distribution. 
  • Distributed: the funds generated by this concert have been distributed.

It is important that you occasionally check to see if any of your concert reports have been rejected.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only see concerts that you have reported yourself. This means that if you are part of a band, for example, only the person who reported the concert will be able to see it in their concert list. Once the distribution is made, it will then appear in the concert lists of everyone involved. It will also be featured as part of your distribution. 

Should performances on radio and TV be reported?

No. We receive direct reporting from national and regional radio/TV stations about the music being played there. This means you don’t have to report these performances.

Can I report concerts played abroad (outside Denmark)?

Yes. If you play concerts abroad (meaning outside of Denmark) you can report them via My Koda just as you report concerts in Denmark.


Who is the concert promoter?

The concert promoter is:

  • The one who has financial obligations to Koda.
  • The one with whom you sign a contract when you play concerts.
  • Promoters are often concert venues, music associations, foundations, municipalities and schools.
  • Promoters are only a private individual in cases where the concert is self-arranged.

The concert promoter is never:

A booker, manager, city, square, park or port and very rarely a sports venue.

If we do not find the right promoter, we will receive no money to distribute to you. Hence, it is important that you provide us with as much and as accurate information about the concert promoter as possible.

Why has my concert been rejected?

There may be several reasons why your concert has been rejected:

  • Your report is a duplicate: we have already received reporting about the concert in question.
  • The concert was not public.
  • The reporting was submitted too late.
  • It has not been possible to find the customer/concert promoter based on the information provided.
  • The performance involves ‘Grand Rights’ not managed by Koda.
  • Miscellaneous: if the reason for rejection stated on the report is ‘miscellaneous’, this is often because the details provided about the concert promoter are incomplete or incorrect. Contact Koda at [email protected]
How will I know my reporting has been submitted?

Your concert reporting has been successfully submitted when you see a receipt on the screen and have received a receipt by mail. Your list of concerts provides an overview of the concerts you have reported yourself and shows their current status.