Top 50

Video: How to use Top 50 (in Danish with English subtitles)


The ‘Top 50’ page shows the works that have generated the greatest revenues in the last five years. The highest amount is displayed at the top.  

Filtering your results:
  • Period type: choose a specific quarter, performance period or distribution period.
  • Period: choose a start date and end date (begin by filling in the start day, choosing the relevant year first, then the month, then the day – and click the day you want)  
  • Source: Koda: Handles distributions for use of your music on TV, radio, at concerts etc.
    Online and NCB: Handles streaming services, download services and sales and synchronisation via NCB.
  • Once you have chosen the filters you want, click ‘Show result’  
Viewing your results:

It may take some time for your results to appear, depending on the amount of data involved.

You will initially see:

  • The title of the work in question
  • The number of the work in question
  • Rightsholders (two to three names),
  • The total amount distributed during the period and the amount distributed at the most recent distribution.


You can view additional information about a work by pressing the arrow to the left of the title to see:

  • The areas in which the work was performed
  • The number of performances and the total amount distributed. You can see how much money the work generated at the most recent distribution and the number of times played.
  • The highest amount is listed at the top.

If necessary, expand the view further to see sub-areas.

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