Account overview

 Video: How to use the account overview (in Danish with English subtitles)



Here you can find guidelines on how to search your distributions from Koda and NCB. All information on when your music has been used and the distributions paid out can be found in the account overview. 

View all details about your distributions

The ‘Account overview’ page lets you search distribution details from 2014 onwards. You can search in several different ways by means of the dropdown menu.

  • Quarter/month: Use the dropdown function to pick the relevant quarter/month.
  • Performance period: Pick a start date and end date if you want to know how much you have received for performances during a specific performance period.
  • Distribution period: Pick a start date and end date to learn how much you have received in distributions during a specific distribution period.
  • Distribution pool: Here you can pick the relevant distribution pool (Denmark, abroad, adjustment, first performance) if you know when the distribution you’re looking for ought to have been made.
  • Yearly: Shows you the distributions made in the last ten years, listed by year.

Notice: The result only includes data from Koda (performance) - not from NCB (mechanical) and streaming/download services.

You also have the option of refining your search, listing only performances in a particular country or selecting a particular work to check the distributions associated with it.

Once you get a result, you can choose whether to view the information arranged by work or by country / region.

Click the arrows on the left to see more details about where the work has been played, how many times, on what shows – and what distributions you have received from Koda as a result.

Data export

The results of your search can be extracted as PDF or Excel files. You can also choose to have your data sent by email, getting all the data in Excel (advanced export). This allows you to continue to work with the data afterwards.