Adapting protected works

If you want to adapt a so-called protected work (copyright work) you need to get the appropriate permissions/licences before performing the work in public. An “adaptation” may mean that you add a new arrangement, that the work is rearranged, is given new, reworked, or translated lyrics – or that samples from existing recordings are featured in a new work. According to the Copyright Act the work will be protected for 70 years after the death of the composer and/or lyricist.

You must obtain a permission/license

For works where such copyright has not yet lapsed you must apply for a licence to put new music or new lyrics to existing works that are not your own. You must also obtain permission/licence to arrange protected music or to translate/adapt protected lyrics. We are happy to help you find out where to apply for such licences, but you must apply for all licences yourself. Typically, requests for such licences should be directed to a publishing company or directly to the author or his/her heir or estate. 


When your licence is granted, forward it to concurrently with submitting your work registration at Mit Koda/My Koda so that we have the documentation we require. Failure to do so means that we will not register your version or adaptation. As an arranger you are eligible for an arranger’s share of up to 16.67%, but ONLY if the original author is willing to give you a share in his or her work. This is to say that you need permission to adapt the work, but also that the licence must state whether you will receive a share for your arrangement/adaptation or translation.

Arrangers’ and translators’ shares

Arrangers are eligible for a maximum share of 16.67 for Danish works. If the adaptation involves both a new arrangement and a translation, the arranger and translator will divide the maximum share of 16.67% between them. For arrangements of foreign works the arranger’s share will depend on the rules applying within the relevant authors’ collective society.

If we should receive a work registration of an arrangement or adaptation that is not accompanied by a written licence we will not register that work registration.