Power of attorney and consents

Power of attorney and consent to access to information

If you, as a composer or copywriter, want a manager or the like to have access to information about your musical works and distribution statements and to act on your behalf when notifying works and reporting concerts, etc., you must provide the person in question with a power of attorney. As the handling of such power of attorneys may provide an extra workload on Kodas administration, Koda reserves the right to charge a handling fees for such a power of attorney.

Download the power of attorney-form

If your need, as a composer or copywriter, only is that Koda gives another person, e.g. a manager, ongoing access to information about your works and distribution statements, you can give consent to such an ongoing access.

Download consent-form to ongoing access 

If you are in the process of negotiating a publishing agreement with a music publisher where you need to calculate an advance, you can consent to Koda just once gives the music publisher access to information on your works and recent years revenue.

Download consent-form to music publisher's single access