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Major festivals

Major festivals

Concerts at the major festivals generate huge revenues every year. Hence, the value of each individual concert played here is high.

The amount depends on the scene you are playing on

At the six biggest festivals in Denmark – Roskilde Festival, Smukfest, Northside, Tinderbox, Copenhell, and Jelling – your distribution will depend on which stage you play. The concerts on the larger stages with large capacity receive higher distributions than concerts given on smaller stages. We adjust our distributions with reference to factors such as stage size and audience capacity so that the concerts which attract the largest audiences also get the largest contributions.

Examples from festivals held in 2023

Below you can see examples from the major festivals. The amounts depend on the actual music consumption observed at the festivals in any given year, so they are likely to vary from one year to the next.


Roskilde Festival (2023) DKK per concert
Orange 116,715
Arena 49,590
Avalon 23,420
Apollo 11,760
Gaia 6,860
Eos  11,760
Eos Warm up 6,860
Gloria 2,350
Flokkr + Re:Act + Stadion + Destroy Me Once, Destroy Me Twice + Platform 980
SMUKFEST (2023) DKK per concert
Bøgescenerne  33,020
Stjernescenen 24,795
Teltet 8,330
The Hood 8,330
Live Camp 880
NorthSide (2023) DKK per concert
ASTRA 32,700
ECHO 21,900
NOVA 8,200
Tinderbox (2023) DKK per concert
Rød 58,000
Blå 58,000
MagicBox 16,000
Teltscenen (Yellow) 11,700
Groovebox 4,400
Copenhell (2023) DKK per concert
Helviti 47,700
Hades 27,200
Pandæmonium 13,600
Gehenna 4,100
Jelling Festival (2023) DKK per concert
Store scene 'Scenen' 27,000
Teltscenen 6,000
Alfreds scene 2,200
Tribune scenen 2,200
Søpavillionen/Irsk Pub/Motown Baren/Campscenen 600
Heartland (2023)                                               DKK per concert
Greenfield                                                            36,200
Highland                                                            15,400
Diorama                                                              6,400
Salon/Heartland                                                              2,100
How we calculate distributions if the festival is not the concert promoter

If the festival where the concert was held did not act as concert promoter, the agreement entered into with the actual promoter and their payment to us will determine your distribution.

Distributions depend on duration

The distributions directly reflect the playing times involved. The total amount distributed for each concert is divided up between the individual music works according to the duration of each work. If the playing time is not stated on the concert report, we use the duration stated by the author when we originally received reporting about the work.

If the concert lasts less than 40 minutes, or if copyrighted music accounts for less than 40 minutes of the total playing time, we will set the duration of the concert at 40 minutes when making our calculations.

Distribution schedule

You can see when distributions are made in our distribution schedule