Music Users

When do I need a License from Koda?

When you play music in your business or at live events, you are legally required to have a Koda license. By purchasing the correct music licenses, businesses and organizers of concerts and other events can play music to their benefit whilst being legally compliant. The cost of a Koda music license can depend on several factors.

How Much does a License Cost?

The tariff for music depends on several factors: the type of use, the media, the category and the number of potential listeners.

How Do I get a Licence?

Please contact our Licensing Department.
We are ready to help you on all weekdays from 9.00 am – 16.00 pm

Phone: (+45) 33 30 63 80

About Koda

Koda is a non-profit organization and we have a long history behind. Since 1935, Koda has held a concession given by the Danish Ministry of Culture for licensing public performance of music. We distribute the money from public performances and broadcasting to our members - the music creators and the publishers to ensure them a fairly payment.

We also collect license fees on behalf of the organization Gramex. Gramex distributes the public performance fees to the performing artists and recording companies.