Your music globally

Payment from 182 countries

Koda has entered into agreement with 82 rightowner-societies covering 181 countries. The rightowner-society in each individual country collect money from those using music in their country (TV-channels, radio-channels etc.).

For instance, If your songs are being performed during a concert in Germany, the German rightowner-society, GEMA, collect money from the German concert-arranger. This money is distributed amongst the works on the setlist. GEMA sends money to Koda for any Danish works, and we pass on the full amount to you without any deductions.

The countries with which we have no agreement lie primarily in the Middle East and Central- and Southeast Asia, where there are no rightowner-societies (the grey areas in the map below). If your music is being performed in a country, where Koda has no agreement, you receive no money via Koda for your