Non-commercial use of your works

As a member of Koda, you have the option to authorise non-commercial use of your music works.

Four conditions must be met in order for music use to be ‘non-commercial’:

1. Koda is not concerned with who is using the music; we look at whether the specific activity in question:

  • is based in idealist interests (humanitarian, political, religious),
  • is not corporate/commercial in nature or otherwise in competition with other suppliers in a market, and
  • is clearly distinct from the relevant party’s other business activities, if any.

2. In order to license such non-commercial use, you must submit an application to Koda via

3. You can only license your own music works or your own shares of music works, and your licence must be provided free of charge to users.

4. The licence will be valid for one year. If you wish to renew the licence, you must notify Koda of this fact. Koda will then assess whether the intended usage can still be regarded as non-commercial.