Interactive TV services

Koda receives payment for interactive TV services offered by TV distributors (such as YouSee and Stofa), which allow the consumer to start a broadcast over (Start Over) or watch it on demand at a later date (Catch Up)

Distributions for this area were previously made separately as Start Over and Catch Up respectively, but have now been merged into a single, unified area covering all types of on-demand products offered by the TV distributors. The reason for this change is that the TV distributors’ payments to Koda are now made as fees covering the total range of digital products, meaning that they are no longer specified per product.

Reporting / distribution

Koda receives reporting down to individual broadcast level, including information on the actual consumption (number of activations) per broadcast. The reporting includes all channels on which the interactive TV services have been used.

The reporting is matched up against Koda’s reporting from the primary TV areas (DR channels, TV2 channels, etc.), thereby retrieving the music information required to carry out distributions.  Amounts allocated for consumption on foreign channels which Koda does not already handle are passed on to the relevant rights management society abroad, which then processes reporting and carries out distributions for the given channel.

The actual distribution is based on the number of activations per broadcast, meaning that it reflects the actual consumption.