Creative commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers tools to artists, scholars, scientists, etc. who wish to share their works with others for free – in full or partially.

With a CC licence you keep the right to decide what happens to your work (it does not affect copyright), but you can choose to allow others to use it in various contexts. At the same time you can apply certain conditions that govern whether users may change, copy, distribute, show, and/or perform your work for free.

CC offers six different licences that can be combined to match your needs. Read more about CC here.

Koda and Creative Commons

We want to make our rights management work as flexible as possible and are eager to give you the best possible conditions as far as the management of your rights is concerned. That is why we have run a trial scheme on the use of CC licences since 2008.

With a CC licence, any Koda member can put their music works at the disposal of the general public for free – as long as the music is used for non-commercial purposes. You can make just one, several, or all your works available under a CC licence and adapt the terms and conditions for using the works to reflect your own wishes and needs.

All those wishing to use the works commercially must still enter into an agreement with Koda and pay for their usage if they wish to use music from the Koda repertoire.

What is commercial and non-commercial use? 

Music use is only non-commercial if the music is used by a private individual or by certain non-profit institutions or organisations. Companies who use music may not use music from the Koda repertoire under this licence.
The music may not be used for advertising purposes, sponsorships, or any other form of promotion of a third party’s products or services, and no money or other valuables may be received in remuneration for use of the music.

How to use Creative Commons

If you want to make your music available under a Creative Commons licence, you need to take certain steps. Some of these concern your agreements with Koda, some with Creative Commons:

Regarding Koda:

  • You must read and fill in Koda’s terms and conditions for using Creative Commons (pdf).
  • If there are other rights holders to the relevant music work(s) than you, they too must read and sign the terms and conditions form. Otherwise the work cannot be licensed under Creative Commons.
  • Remember that you cannot entirely relinquish your rights in your music works.  If that is what you wish to do, you should resign from Koda altogether.

Regarding Creative Commons:

  • Choose a Creative Commons licence that allows non-commercial use of your music via the Creative Commons online tool at www.creativecommons/org/choose
  • Remember that as a Koda member you must say “NO” to the option “Allow commercial use of your work”

If you have any questions about Creative Commons licences, please feel free to contact Music Advisor Jens Bruno Hansen at or by calling (+45) 33 30 63 58.