Music in computer games

We want to make it easy to handle music rights when Koda members compose music for computer games. For this reason we have introduced a trial scheme that give our members the opportunity to manage their music rights themselves when composing music for computer games. This means that Koda members can agree on a one-off lump sum with e.g. computer games companies, and that such agreements cover all the rights that producers need.

What is the scope of such self-management?

The self-management rights only encompass music composed specifically and directly for use in electronic games. The composer may manage composers’ and lyricists’ rights for works used in:

  • electronic games
  • teasers for electronic games  
  • free ring tones used to promote such games  
  • soundtracks, provided that those soundtracks are made available as part of electronic games
The self-managed rights include:
  • synchronisation, reproduction, and publication of the compositions and the lyrics associated therewith       
  • usage on online and physical media  
  • all territories in the world       
  • no time restrictions

The rights are specifically limited to the forms of usage described above, which means that they do not extend to any other usage of the music in question (e.g. in cinematic films, TV series, or advertisements). Thus, Koda/NCB no longer manages rights for the forms of usage specified above.  

If you have any questions about music in computer games, please contact Jakob Thors at or on (+45) 40 78 73 49